Why Owander Was Design

In my years of experience I have come to realize, the reasons why most students fail their exams. Firstly, students don’t read enough especially their note books before examination. Secondly, they don’t go for classes even if they do, they don’t copy note. And lastly some of the students don’t get lecturers materials before the examination. So, that’s why I have come up with an idea of creating an online platform where students can easily access with a little token lecturer’s first hand note/materials (softcopy) without a stress.

About Owander

Owander is a new online platform founded in Nigeria by Obieje Stanley. It is an online market place where users can offer, sell and buy any ebook in a variety of prices. Owander gives authors and publishers, small business owners, entrepreneurs and book sellers the opportunity to sell their books in ebook (softcopy) format.  Especially the students and lecturers would be able to sort out school materials like research projects, class assignments, lecturers first hand notes and past questions and answers in a digital form. It was initially launched to provide easy, quick and affordable access to e-books like; educational materials, projects, works of literature and other journals and publications that can enhance knowledge acquisitions.

Owander’s goal is to keep people connected with the books they need, love to read and study in an easy and smooth way, our target is to reach 6,000 books of different category in our catalog by the end of 2017.

Our mission is to give young authors and publishers a chance to find their audience. At Owander, every author or publisher who honors our policy has a right to publish, and it’s up to readers to decide what’s worth reading. Readers are the new curators. Because we publish everyone’s work, it means we publish brilliant up-and-coming writers who haven’t yet been discovered, and we’ll also publish works of lesser quality. The authors who write reader-pleasing books bubble up to the top and build audiences.

It is our desire that this initiative will reduce to a minimum if not completely, the difficulties being faced by people who wants to read a particular genre of knowledge and cannot access the materials or write ups that contain it. There is no gainsaying the fact that this online platform will be invaluable to all would be users.

Thank you.